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About wedding rings from VENUS TEARS

"Making your precious moment leading to the glorious future,” VENUS TEARS is aimed to be with two of you at the beginning of your happy journey. We have been developing around Asia, seeking the state-of-the-art design engagement ring and wedding bands, then we have produced an elaborate jewelry in the workshop of the highest peak with “Made in Japan” brand. We have most popular bridal collections from Japan, and there are various designs for ladies and men. We select only high graded diamonds and we provide them at affordable price with GIA certification which is the best institution in the world. In Japan, we have our shops at Aeon Mall Kashiwa in Chiba, Aeon Mall Nogata in Fukuoka, Kirarito Ginza in Tokyo, and we plans to expand more in the future. Then, we introduce some knowledge of wedding bands for your reference. Wedding ring is said that was a habit began from the 9th century in the ancient Roman times, the Roman Pope of the time is said the first person to use an iron ring as a wedding ceremonial oath. Then, in the 13th century, exchanging wedding rings had spread as a custom in Europe, and in the 16 century, people had started having wedding in the church. At the same time, people did exchanging their wedding rings at their wedding, and in Japan, this custom came from Dutch in the late Edo period. Also, wedding ring means forever, and the shape of the "circle" is said to represent the nature of repeating such as the four seasons and the moon changing. Therefore, wedding rings have been exchanged with the wish to be the same feeling from the beginning to the end of the two. Regarding wearing wedding bands on left ring finger, this comes from the tradition said that the left ring finger is connected to the heart in ancient Greece. So people had started to wear their wedding bands on left ring finger for connecting the heart of the two for ever. Then the heart was thought to be responsible for humans feelings, so by wearing wedding rings always on the left ring finger, it has been said that the two could keep their eternity love till today. In addition, we have received many questions about marriage rings use after the wedding. In the past, many people wore their wedding rings only at some special occasions, however these days most people wear their rings everyday as usual, such as work and shopping etc. So VENUS TEARS offers various designs for everyday wearing from cute and casual to simple and classic. Furthermore, we provide reliable life time after services, such as cleaning, resizing and mint finishing services etc. So that your ring can be shine for ever as same as you received them. At the moment of exchanging your wedding rings at the wedding, hopefully two of you can start the blissful life with full of love and hope, VENUS TEARS would support you at full power to make the one and only ring in the world, even you do not know how to choose, or what the marriage ring is etc. Even if you rush for receiving your rings or just want to take a look, we can respond in accordance with respectively, so we are looking forward to your visiting our outlets.


About engagement rings from VENUS TEARS

Wedding proposal ... this would be the longing for many women for ever. When we see fairy tales or romantic movies, we keep some moments in our mind as a dream and imagine being the heroin in stories. For women, proposal rings are the symbol of our dream like that, and the best gift to strengthen the bond of the two. In VENUS TEARS has a concept “Engagement ring, one and only ring” to come true the dream. There are more than 450 types of designs, including different materials, and combine with your favorite diamond, we can make the one and only ring for you in the world. We have wide variety of designs, such as simple line, sparkle and gorgeous, classic and fantastic, or casually and lovely ones etc. In addition, for the material, there are from platinum 999, which is high purity and a profound sense of the material, and to K10 Gold, so you can choose freely according to your preferences or budget. With imagination of your loved partner’s smile when she receives, or while enjoying in the two of you, let’s make the one and only ring for two of you in the world. Furthermore, we will introduce the history of engagement rings. Engagement rings are worn on the left ring finger as well as wedding bands. In ancient Greece, it was said that the left ring finger is connected to the heart. So people had started to wear their rings on the left ring finger for connecting the heart of the two for ever. Then the heart was thought to be responsible for human’s feelings, thus wearing rings always on the left ring represents to keep their eternity love till today. And, wedding rings are thought as the vow of husband and wife, and engagement rings are thought as the oath of love, which means "men and women to the promise their marriage for the future." Giving engagement rings from men to women, it stands for his vow "I promise to love you for ever from this moment”, and by fitting the engagement ring on her finger, the woman has her attitude of the mind for their marriage as well. This pure and romantic moment, will be a lifetime of memories for the two of you. First engagement ring in the world dates back to the 15th century. And the Duke of Burgundy Charles's daughter, Maria, is the one who was given the first engagement ring with the vows of marriage from Habsburg prince Maximilian Archduke. The ring was shaped as “M” character, which standed for the Virgin Mary, Mary, the ties of Maximilian of two. In 1456, Dutch Berukemu was succesed to do polishing of the diamond, then engagement ring with diamonds became the royal family of habit. Design at the time has been continuing to change, but it was much more expensive at that time, so not a thing for ordinary people. Japan has a say and to be accompanied the engagement ring to the betrothal products popular will seems to be around 1960. Acquisition rate and made in 1970 became 67%, but at the time seems to be the use of pearls and birthstone was the mainstream, along with the slogan "three months of your salary" in the TV CM, the diamond engagement ring It has dramatically spread. Production of different proposal from that until the habit of betrothal of caught the hearts of many women. Then, leads to a variety of design and material improvement is continued today. In VENUS TEARS, such deep meaning, a variety of lineup the engagement ring with a deep history, and we look forward to offer at a price of surprise. Diamond in the other was able to achieve the level of price and quality that can not be imitated by their own purchase route. Customers want committed to the design, and customers who want to advance in the planned budget, we will propose the ring along the hope of everyone. Please come by all means VENUS TEAR When purchasing an engagement ring.