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Make a purchase and Receive Free Gifts

Promotion for purchased items

VENUS TEARS provides you with special gift to celebrate the best moments of both. The offers vary accordingly base on your amount purchased. Please check with our shop adviser for more details.

Exclusive Voucher                                                                                                         

BE entitled to offset amount up to $1000 OFF with our Bridal Vouchers. 

*Optional complimentary Gifts will depends on the amount spent.   

*Content of Gifts may change without advance notice.

Visit VENUS TEARS soon to check out our gorgeous and unique Engagement rings or Wedding Bands Collections. Each and every of our ring is crafted to your finger ring size, with desired material and specially made in JAPAN just for you.

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*** Please feel free to send us a private message to request for price information or WhatsApp our jewelry adviser at +65 8553 8363 for inquiries ***

Please drop by to our Bridal outlets to find out more about the details.


VENUS TEARS is a selection of Engagement Ring and Wedding Band shop from Japan. All diamonds are certified by GIA, which is one of the most well-known gem research institutes in the world at affordable prices. We carry an extensive collection of proposal rings and wedding rings. Our diamonds rings are not only just for wedding, but also an excellent gift idea for anniversary ring. Couple rings are also available too.




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