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Venus Tears Engagement Rings

Is it about time to start ring shopping? Congratulation!  At Venus Tears, you may find various styles of engagement rings and wedding bands designs to fit your personal preference.


Picking an engagement ring can be challenging , we are here to guide you through the experience. All you’ll need to know before you start is your favorite setting style, preferred metals of the setting and the 4C’s of diamonds.


From modern simple designs to vintage-inspired design, Venus Tears offers wide selection of engagement ring settings for you to choose from.


Choose a gorgeous Pavé setting to add extra brilliance to your proposal ring. Or a classic solitaire setting to showcases the center diamond without any distraction.


Ring settings with delicate tiara designs will shine on her finger forever.


Consider ring settings that feature milgrain details, intricate galleries, or dainty bands if your love things with vintage accents.


There are four main choices when it comes to your setting metal: PLATINUM / K18 WHITE GOLD / YELLOW GOLD/ PINK GOLD.  


Don’t hesitate to drop us an enquiry or make a reservation online to visit our stores to start your ring shopping ! 

We’d be happy to assist you in further!

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