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Welcome to VENUS TEARS! Today we shall present to our readers a The 4C of GIA DIAMOND. GIA’s abbreviation is Gemological Institute of America.The first thing that comes to mind about diamond certificates is GIA, which is now the dominant certificate on the market. GIA strictly controls the 4C classification standard, and now GIA’s 4C standard is also the international jewelry industry standard.

4C stand for Color – For most diamonds, color refers to the degree of colorlessness. The lighter the color of the diamond, the higher the value and price. Some of these differences are difficult to discern with the naked eye, but have a direct impact on the overall quality and price of diamonds.

For most gem-grade diamonds, the color criteria depend on how colorless they are. A diamond that is chemically free and well-structured is like a pure drop of water, colorless and of higher value. GIA created a D-to-Z diamond color grading system to identify the colorlessness of diamonds by matching them to color-coded stones under precisely controlled lighting and observational conditions.Although the color differences between diamonds are so subtle that non-professionals can’t tell, they can result in significant differences in diamond quality and price.

Clarity – Measure the size, size, and location of diamond inclusions and surface imperfections. Clarity grades range from “immaculate” (no defects) to “insituated” (with a big of defects).

Flawlessv(FL) – viewed under a 10x magnifying glass, diamonds do not have any inclusions or surface features. Internal flawless(IF) – viewed under a 10x magnifying glass with no visible inclusions. Very slight inclusion(VVS1 & VVS2) – is observed under a 10x magnifying glass and has very small inclusions inside the diamond that are difficult for even professional experts to see. Slightinclusion (VS1 & VS2) – viewed under a 10x magnifying glass and tiny inclusions can be seen inside the diamond. Micro-embedded (SI1 and SI2) – viewed under a 10x magnifying glass and diamonds have visible inclusions.

Inclusion (I1, I2 & I3) – The inclusions of the diamond are visible under the 10x magnifying glass and may affect the transparency and brightness of the diamond.

Cut – Not the shape of a diamond, but the proportion and arrangement of the cut and the quality of the process of a diamond facet. The brightness, flickering and fire of a diamond are determined by cutting. The cut levels range from “excellent” to “poor”.

Carat – Refers to the weight of a diamond. In general, the larger the carat weight, the more expensive the diamond is. However, if the carats of two diamonds are the same weight, the quality grade and price of the other three diamonds (color, clarity and cut) may vary considerably. Diamonds with GIA certificates are more expensive than diamonds with other certificates because GIA certificates are more expensive to identify. From liquidity to credibility, people generally believe in the results of this standard-setting body’s appraisal.

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