BAUM -VENUS TEARS- Wedding Bands / Engagement Ring




Being in love together, being just the way you are. BAUM is a German surname meaning “Tree.”


A tree grows and roots deeply, extending its stems, and spreading it’s branches freely, blooming beautiful flowers.


This collection is designed to portray strong bond love between two love ones yet preserving the initial love.


This unique collection is to bring in the tree concept into their rings design, so they are having a bump and hairline design on their collection, just like the tree in nature.


They are having simple and casual wedding rings up to outstanding design of engagement rings that can attract attention.


The wedding ring and engagement ring is using a single material such as Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold and Platinum.


Trees can live in centuries of history, so this collection wish that couples can be like tree love each other for centuries.

3 reasons why VENUS TEARS is chosen by many couples

  • High quality craftsmanship and reasonable pricing for our Jewelry, which is credited and recognized by our global outlets.

  • Reliable life time After services and guaranteed customer’s satisfaction

  • We carry mainly “GIA” certified diamonds which is recognized world wide.