Disney Cinderella Engagement Ring Wedding Bands 2024 NEW Model

Cinderella stays true to herself no matter how hard it was. She made her dreams come true because she keeps on believing in herself. 'Blue Topaz' that said to have the magical powers to make dreams come true by leading people to never give up, is as pure and clear as Cinderella's heart. Like Cinderella, this stone is said to bring a feeling of benevolence and increase one's charm.

The 'Disney Cinderella 2024 Bridal Collection features the beautiful and gentle Cinderella-like gem 'Blue Topaz' inside the ring. The limited-edition rings will be available for sale for one year from 01.10.2023 to 30.09.2024 in a limited edition of 777 (pairs/pieces).

Cinderella Bridal Charm

Cinderella flees the castle, leaving only a glass slipper behind, before he could learn her name. The prince falls in love with Cinderella, and the glass slipper leads him to his destiny. Just like Cinderella stays true to herself and the Prince stays firm on his true love, each wedding ring is designed to represent Cinderella and the Prince. The blue topaz on the inside symbolizes Cinderella's inner radiance and the prince's attraction to her. The simple surface design of this ring is complemented by a gorgeous shimmer. The engagement ring's base is inspired by Cinderella's castle. It is a fantastically beautiful form that Cinderella has always dreamed of. The gorgeous decoration and delicate workmanship reflect all the intricacy detail on the ring. On the back of the stone is a "real" glass slipper made of cloisonne ware. The engagement ring with the glass slipper that leads Cinderella and the Prince to happiness, is the perfect ring to lead the man to embark on the wonderful union with his dream girl.

*Cloisonné is an ancient metalworking technique where a multi-colored glassy glaze is baked onto a metal surface. The brilliance of colour is the beauty of cloisonné.

The Blue Topaz Inner Stone

The 'Disney Cinderella 2023 Bridal Collection' has the beautiful and sweet Cinderella-like gemstone 'Blue Topaz' hidden inside the ring. Pure light blue is the image colour of Cinderella. The language of the stone is 'If you believe, your dreams will come true', just like the concept phrase of Cinderella.
The Blue Topaz Inner Stone
Glass Slipper

Glass Slipper

A gift for the purchase of an engagement ring or a pair of wedding bands (*Pillow is not included). The glass slipper, the item of fate that brought Cinderella and her prince together, is an eternal dream for ladies. It can also be used as a ring pillow by placing the 'inset cushion' that comes with the shoes. The original ribbon ornament with cute Cinderella and clock art is a unique feature of the glass slipper. A ring in a glass slipper brings Cinderella to life. This novelty item is also loved by men as a surprise

Ring Case

The ring will be delivered in a variety of exclusive Disney Cinderella cases. The special engagement case is made of ceramic with a cute motif of little shoes scattered around. The lid is made to resemble the glass slipper on the gorgeous pedestal that appears in the story, and the body is accented with the Cinderella color blue. The case for the wedding band is inspired by the moment when Cinderella and the Prince meet at a castle ball and fall in love. The beautiful lid, shining like crystal, delicately depicts the staircase of the castle.
Ring Case
Musical Jewelry Box

Musical Jewelry Box

The romantic musical jewelry box that plays 'A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes', one of the theme songs from the Disney animated film Cinderella, has a gorgeous mirrored exterior and a special finish. This romantic novelty item is filled with the glittering world of Cinderella down to the most delicate details, such as the side design featuring the corridors of the castle, the pumpkin carriage that appears on the outer box, and the art of the clock that points to the time of 11:59.


The Tale of

Cinderella is an animated film produced by Walt Disney Productions released on February 15, 1950. The film is based on the fairy tale 'Cendrillon' by Charles Perrault. In the 21st century, Cinderella II (2002): Dreams Come True was the first direct-to-video sequel to Cinderella, followed by Cinderella III: A Twist in Time in 2007. A live-action film was also has been released on 25 April 2015 by Disney.

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl kindhearted called Cinderella in a wonderful house. Cinderella lost her mother early so her father raised her on his own, She was still a young girl when her father remarried. She welcomed Drizella and Anastasia as her stepsisters. However, when her father died, her stepmother revealed her true nature and become cruel to Cinderella. She only cared for her own two daughters. As her stepmother and stepsisters squandered the wealth, the house fell into disrepair.

Cinderella is constantly tormented and abused by her stepmother and stepsisters. She is eventually treated as a servant, forced to do all the chores and prepare meals from morning till night. She was covered in cinders and ashes every day and forced to live in a small room in the attic of the villa. However, Cinderella remains cheerful and hopeful. She believes that happiness will come to her and her dreams will come true one day. Her cheerfulness makes a lot of friends like Gus, the rat; Jack, the birds; Major, the horse, and Bruno, the dog,

One day, Prince Charming, the prince of the castle, decides to hold a bridal ball to celebrate his return home, and Cinderella's family receives an invitation. The stepsisters are excited, and the stepmother tells Cinderella that if she can get all her work done and get her dress ready, she will be allowed to go to the ball. Cinderella wants to wear her late mother's dress, but the three of them deliberately put her to so much work that she runs out of time. So the little birds and mice make a beautiful dress out of the sash and ribbons that the stepsisters have thrown away. However, the stepmother and stepsisters are bitterly envious of her beauty. The stepsisters tore her beautiful dress into pieces and assume that she is a thief who has stolen and used what they have thrown away.

Cinderella was so shocked. She crying and running to the fountain, overwhelmed by the memories of her father. Then Proof! All of a sudden, Fairy Godmother appears in front of her. She tapped her wand, recites the magic spell 'Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo'. At once, the pumpkin is transformed into a beautiful carriage, Bruno and Major became stylish coachmen and the mice are transformed into white horses. Lastly, a halo of sparkles appears above Cinderella's head. She was dressed in a stunning gown with a pair of dazzling glass slippers. 'The spell will be broken at the stroke of twelve!' said the Fairy Godmother. Cinderella stepped into the carriage and they were off.

At the same time, the prince is greeting the guests at the castle ball, but is bored out of his mind as he has no intention of getting married. When it came to Drizella and Anastasia's turn, the prince was attracted by Cinderella's beauty, so he invited Cinderella to dance with him instead. They dance their way out of the hall and have a lovely time touring the castle gardens, but Cinderella doesn't realise it's the Prince. As soon as the clock strikes twelve, Cinderella remembers the secret that Fairy Godmother told her. No matter what the prince said, Cinderella has to go. She runs to the steps but one glass slipper fell off her foot. However, she has no time to pick it up. She gets into her carriage with only a glass slipper.

The Grand Duke sees the whole scene and sends his soldiers after the carriage, but they don't notice Cinderella, who is dressed in rags because the spell has been broken. Cinderella takes off the glass slipper that is still on her foot, holds it tight and says 'Thank you for the wonderful dream', to the Fairy Godmother who is not around. The next day, the castle is in chaos with the girl who suddenly disappeared. The prince releases the news that he'll find the girl and marry the one who fits the glass slipper. The announcement soon reached Cinderella's house. Cinderella's stepmother wakes up her two daughters, and ask Cinderella to help with the dress-up. Meantime, Cinderella is surprised to find out that the prince is the one she was with.

Cinderella falls into a dreamlike state, singing and going to dress. Her stepmother recognizes the song and realizes that she was the mysterious girl that the Prince looking for. She quietly follows Cinderella up the tower and locks her in her room. Cinderella's two mice friends, Jack and Gus, who have been watching the whole scene steal the key and delivered it to Cinderella. Bruno, her dog friend, also helps her to escapes successfully. When the Prince and his soldiers were about to leave after the stepsisters unsuccessfully try on the slipper, they saw Cinderella. 'Come here,' said the Prince. However, Cinderella's stepmother would not let Cinderella try the slipper on. She trips the footman who is carrying the glass slipper as he walks over to Cinderella. All of a sudden, the glass slipper drops and shatters into hundreds of pieces. When the stepmother satisfying with her evil plan, Cinderella surprised everyone with the other glass slipper she has kept. The Prince got down on one keen, slides the slipper onto her foot. It fit perfectly! Cinderella and the Prince were then married, and they lived happily ever after.

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