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Petit MarieBRAND


Petit Marie

“Petit Marie” features St. Cecilia rose, and the romantic traditions of love and marriage that revolve around roses.


A bouquet held by the bride, A flower on the left chest of the groom boutonniere. Each band has a bouquet and boutonniere engraved inside, side by a lovely rose sapphire that brings the eternal bond and happiness to the two.


This marriage ring promise eternity. Each ring is embedded with a beautiful rose sapphire, which has the same colour as the St.


Cecilia rose. It can engrave a message of only two people with your precious thoughts. It’s a simple design with roundness, this collection with the wish for your life to be full of happiness and calm together forever.


Happily future that both envision, this brand is perfect for couples starting their marriage.


I promise to be true to you tomorrow and today.


I promise I will love you. I promise I will wear your ring and always hold your hand. They represent eternal love and a strong commitment to each other.

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  • We carry mainly “GIA” certified diamonds which is recognized world wide.