sincerite - VENUS TEARS - Wedding Bands / Engagement Ring




Our sincerite collection has a sincere feel with simple designs. It’s have refined our skills for over 50 years in Yamanashi, Japan’s largest jewelry collection area surrounded by rich nature.


Deliver from exquisite jewelry made in Japan at the finest workshop. Craftsmen are carefully handmade one by one in a special  Japanese workshop from the prototype to creation and polishing.


There are also designs that combine the luxury and simplicity of bridal jewelry. Available in various materials, you can choose it from K18(White Gold or Yellow Gold or Rose Gold) or Platinum900. You can customize your ideal ring within your budget.


These rings are suitable for wedding bands, couple rings, and anniversary rings.


They represent eternal love and a strong commitment to each other. I promise to be true to you tomorrow and today. I promise I will love you.


A pair of sinceritre rings for your love partner. A romantic ring with the feeling of expressing the bond between the two.May the two of you who are bound by strong bonds be happy forever.

3 reasons why VENUS TEARS is chosen by many couples

  • High quality craftsmanship and reasonable pricing for our Jewelry, which is credited and recognized by our global outlets.

  • Reliable life time After services and guaranteed customer’s satisfaction

  • We carry mainly “GIA” certified diamonds which is recognized world wide.