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  • 2021.01.21

    Love ‘Storys’..

    'Storys' is a collection that has a fancy fusion between fairy tales and jewelry and it offers lovely and simple designed wedding bands made of fairy tales motif. The rings are produced by forging manufacturing for smooth fit and comfortability and were made by skillful and…>Read More

  • 2021.01.13

    Cher Luv – The Flower Language Of Love

    The best way to express the meaning of Love to your loved ones. “CHER LUV” is an European style brand with a concept of “fashionable rings emphasizing adult-cuteness”. This range carries delicate bridal designs with millgrain details, with a vintage finishing and multifaceted cut design. Ea…>Read More

  • 2021.01.08

    Amulet of Love

    Amour Amulet means 'Love Charm' in French that has been handed down from the past. This popular and beautiful collection features two tone engagement rings and wedding bands. Using two materials such as Platinum and Gold as a popular combination, it stands out from the usual single color ring. …>Read More

  • 2020.12.23


    铂金是一种天然的贵金属,性质稳定不易褪色,很多年轻的新人会选择铂金作为婚戒的材质,铂金婚戒成为新宠。不过有人因为铂金不易褪色就不注重保养,长时间这样的话,铂金婚戒也会变得黯淡无光。以下是铂金婚戒保养的五种方法,希望能为你的戒指保驾护航。 勤于取下铂金婚戒   许多人结婚之后就会实时佩戴着婚戒,无论是洗澡、做家务洗碗、游泳都不摘下来,这是一种很不好的习惯。在日常接触的肥皂、沐浴露会含有各种各样的化学物质,这些化学物质会对铂金婚戒造成一定的伤害,一两次可能没关系,但是日积月累,会大大影响珠宝的光泽和亮度,所以在日常生活中要勤于取下婚戒,这是一种保养的习惯,不过…>Read More

  • 2020.12.18

    Venus Tears Bridal Outlet @ JEM

    We would like to recommend Venus Tears at Jem branch to you. Venus Tears at Jem branch was the first bridal shop opened in Singapore. Venus Tears also provides high quality craftsmanship and reasonable pricings for our rings for wedding bands and engagement rings. You can cho…>Read More

  • 2020.12.18

    The East Venus Tears Bridal Outlet In Singapore!

    Welcome to Venus Tears Tampines1 outlet. We would like to introduce another bridal shop for people who live on the east side that will be a very convenient place for your shop there. Our location at 10 Tampines Central 1, Tampines One #01-35 Singapore ( 529536 ). Tampines1 outlet lo…>Read More

  • 2020.12.15

    The Venus Tears Bridal Outlet in central of Singapore!

    Welcome to Venus Tears Bridal Stores located in Bugis Junction, the central in Singapore, the best shopping district in center, convenient for both local and tourists. We are just a walking distance from Bugis MRT Station and there are also Bugis+ and Bugis Street, the well-known one…>Read More

  • 2020.12.11

    The Fourth Venus Tears Bridal Outlet In Singapore!

    Welcome to VENUS TEARS fourth bridal outlet in Singapore located at Wisma Atria, a well-known shopping district in the heart of Orchard Road! Expect shopping with comfort & convenience in the spacious & brightly lit store that is directly connected to Orchard MRT station. …>Read More

  • 2020.12.04

    Merry Christmas Promotion 2020

    Inner Birthstone: choose your birthstone for setting into the inner side of the ring. *Some rings design might not be able to set inner stones. During Christmas time love is in the air! Make it a December to Remember. We are now offering great promotions for this Christmas season.…>Read More

  • 2020.12.03

    AMK Hub: Closing Sale!

    Since we first opened at Basement One of AMK Hub, we have the honor of serving thousands of happy customers. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patronage over the years. We are having a MEGA Sale from now till the end of December! For all the jewellery that you have seen b…>Read More