What is the price of 1 carat diamond? Key points for choosing an engagement ring for the woman you love

When you decide on a proposal, the first thing that comes to mind must be what kind of engagement ring should you get. Is it a simple engagement ring with a super big diamond or an intricately designed ring that has an average size diamond? It is particularly important to choose the correct engagement ring to convey your love to your beloved woman, as a sign of commitment and willingness to move to the next step of the relationship. Here are some things you should know about engagement rings and things to keep in mind when choosing an engagement ring.

Why you should choose a diamond engagement ring

In general, engagement rings often tend to use diamonds. Of course, there are many other attractive gemstones besides diamonds, so some people may consider engagement rings with non-diamond gemstones. For example, some may choose an engagement ring with a birthstone, such as emerald for those born in May and ruby for those ​​born in July. You can also choose a gem with your favorite color. However, most people still go with the King of all gemstone, the Diamond and choose their favorite ring setting from the abundant of designs available. So why are diamonds often chosen for engagement rings?

The first reason is the high value of diamonds. Diamonds are a representative example of many rare gemstones that are traded at high prices. Many people want to give something valuable to their love one in this once in their lifetime opportunity.

The second point is that diamonds are believed to have “unchanging radiance that leads to eternal love.” Diamond, a simple jewel that is almost transparent, has a beautiful cut surface and shines elegantly compared to other jewels. The mysterious and powerful radiance of diamonds is said to be suitable for engagement rings.

What is 4C that determines the price of diamonds?

The price of diamonds is not just determined by size. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) create the 4C to evaluate the quality of the diamond. 4C is an acronym for Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut. Experts comprehensively evaluate these four factors to determine diamond quality。

Carat, which is often heard when selecting jewelry, refers to the weight of the jewelry. The unit is “ct”, and 1ct = 0.200g. Since it is possible to measure up to one thousandth of a carat using an electronic balance, the number is rounded down to the nearest third decimal place or displayed up to the third decimal place. The higher the carat, the higher the price of the diamond will be.

Clarity is an indicator of transparency. Not only diamonds, but gems are natural minerals, so of course there may be scratches and inclusions. If there are many scratches or inclusions, the transparency will decrease and the brilliance will be impaired to that extent, so the higher the clarity, the higher the rating.

Color is an index that measures the tint of diamond. Diamonds have a strong image of being colorless and transparent, but in reality, they are faintly colored. The more yellowish it is, the lower its value, and the more colorless and transparent it is, the higher its price is.

Finally, the cut of a diamond refers to a cutting method to make a rough diamond look more beautiful. A high level of skill is required to process a series of gemstones, and cutting is an important process that determines the value of diamond. Depending on the cut of the diamond, the brilliance of the diamond is affected as well.

Carat diamond and average price of engagement ring

Diamonds, with their unique beauty and brilliance, are good gems for engagement rings, but diamonds are rare, valuable, and definitely not cheap. Learn more about diamond carat size and the average price of engagement ring.

Average engagement ring

Most of the rough diamonds are small, less than 1 carat, so larger diamonds are exceedingly rare. Furthermore, considering that the diamond placed on the engagement ring is smaller than the rough stone after being cut and polished, the larger the diamond, the higher the value. Diamonds used for engagement rings are generally about 0.3 carat, and the price is around SGD$4,000 (with casing, depends on the spec of the diamond).

The price of the engagement ring is not only determined by the quality of the diamond, but also by the type of metal used for the pedestal that holds the jewel and the ring. Platinum is the most expensive, followed by gold and silver. It is important to note that gold and silver are made by mixing with other metals for strength, so the price will change depending on the mixing ratio of precious metals. Although there are some differences due to factors other than the gemstone used, differences in the price of engagement rings can be roughly classified by the carat of diamonds.

1 carat diamond ring

Diamonds less than 1 carat are said to cost SGD$1,300 more for every 0.1 carat. In other words, the average price of a wedding ring with 1 carat diamond is about SGD$12,500. However, depending on the type of precious metal used, the quality of a large diamond of 1 carat is easily influenced by the other 4Cs. The larger the size, the more noticeable the diamond becomes and the more noticeable the yellowing and scratches will be. Consider the quote for the engagement ring with 1 carat diamond as a guide only.

Why a carat diamond engagement ring is recommended

The fashion jewelry worn by women on a daily basis has a thin and delicate design that is immensely popular. At jewelry stores, you will often find accessories with small gemstones, thin ring rings and necklace chains. However, the one-carat diamonds used in the engagement ring are gaining high support. Why are big diamonds so popular even though they are expensive?

High Asset Value

The value of diamonds increases dramatically above 1 carat. Not only will it be expensive, but the visible value, which is calculated comprehensively from 4C, will also increase. In addition, even if it is cut or polished, diamonds with a size of about 1 carat are not easily obtained. One rare carat diamond can be thought of as having an asset value above its price. Taking out the engagement ring and looking at it from time to time will bring back important memories of your engagement day. In addition, there may be people who want to pass it on to their children and grandchildren, and to the next generation. A diamond engagement ring is a great piece of jewelry that will last a long time.

The feeling of Luxury

Compared to an average 0.3 carat diamond, the difference with a 1 carat diamond is obvious. Diamonds that are nearly colorless and transparent give a more elegant impression than gemstones with bright colors such as sapphire and ruby, or organic gem with a unique texture such as pearls. The 1-carat diamond is perfect balance of luxurious and subtle, it does not stand out as much as ruby and sapphire, but you still know that it is luxury. From this, it can be said that it is suitable for a special gift such as an engagement ring, which is different from a simple gift. Although an engagement ring is not something you wear every day, it is said that many people want to wear it on an important day. A luxurious 1 carat diamond will make your special day even more exciting, such as wedding anniversaries or family events.

Gorgeous appearance

The average size of a 1 carat diamond is 6.5 mm in diameter. The larger the size, the better the light will be reflected and the more the brightness will increase. The feature is that even if it is not as strong as sunlight, it gives off a gorgeous glow even in indoor lighting or a little light. Small diamonds are also elegant and cute, but due to their colorless and transparent properties that are easy to adapt to the skin, those who like gorgeous accessories may find it unsatisfactory. On the other hand, a large diamond of 1 carat has a dazzling radiance, so it has a presence and can give a glamorous impression at a glance.

What is the design of a ring that suits a 1-carat diamond?

There are various designs for diamond engagement rings. Here are three especially popular designs.
The first point is “Solitaire,” the most standard design with a single diamond in the center of the ring. All unnecessary distraction to the eyes is removed and the focus will be on the brilliance of the diamond itself. For a large diamond of 1 carat, we recommend this “solitaire” which is the simplest and shows off the size and brilliance of the diamond.
The second is “Melee” with a small diamond around the center stone. It is popular with people who want a more luxurious image.
The third point is the “side stone” with diamonds and other gems set on both sides of the center stone. It is the perfect design for those who want a gorgeous look while making the diamond stand out.

Points for purchasing a 1-carat diamond

Since gemstones have a high rarity value and are considered luxury items, gemstones that are not valuable are often sold. If you want to buy an engagement ring, you want to choose one with guaranteed quality. When purchasing a diamond, make sure you have a gem certificate issued by an official institution. The gem certificate has a proven 4C rank and is only issued to diamonds. Make sure not only whether you have a gem certificate, but also whether the quality is appropriate for the price. It is also important to choose a store that you can trust.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Ring

Compared to the 0.3 carat diamonds used in many engagement rings, 1 carat diamond is awfully expensive and requires some budget to buy. However, large diamonds are hard to come by, and the beauty of diamonds stands out, so the satisfaction level is higher than the price. In order to purchase without regret, it is necessary to carefully determine the value and price.

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