Choosing the Right Size for Your Engagement ring| Let’s Make Your Surprise Proposal a Success!

An engagement ring is an essential part of any marriage proposal. Many men want to see their girlfriends happy, but are unsure about the size of the ring or whether she’ll like the design.  Proposing is a big event for any man. Make it the best by getting her an engagement ring that is the right size for her. 


The Right Way of Measuring Your Engagement Ring

Measuring the circumference of the ring

The size of a ring is determined by the circumference of the ring. The circumference of the ring is the same as the length of the circumference of the finger, so measuring the circumference will give you the size of the ring. To measure your ring size, take a piece of long, thin paper or a non-stretchy cloth. Wrap it around the thickest part of the ring finger of the left hand and circle it. It should be roughly at the second joint. Bend and stretch the finger a few times until it is neither too loose nor too tight, then mark the overlap. Open the paper and measure the length of the marked area to check the size of your finger. The thickness of your fingers will vary depending on the time of day. If possible, take your measurements at different times of the day, for example in the morning and at night, to get a more accurate measurement.

Check the Accurate Size Chart

Once you have measured the length around your finger, check the size chart for the number of the ring. In the size chart, you will find the inner and outer circumference of the ring, so look for a number that is close to yours.


Gifting an Engagement Ring that fits Perfectly 

Measure the rings she wears on a daily basis

To get an accurate finger size without her noticing, you can secretly measure the ring she usually wears. It should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand, preferably one that fits her finger perfectly. While she is taking the ring off, use a ruler to measure the inside circumference of the ring and check the size chart for the relevant number. Alternatively, you can use a ring gauge bar to find out the size of the ring. You can buy ring size bars on the internet.

Measure her while she sleeps

If she doesn’t have a ring that she normally wears, you can gently measure her finger size while she sleeps. While she is asleep, wrap a long piece of paper or thread around the second joint of her ring finger, taking care not to wake her.

Precautions when measuring secretly

To get the perfect engagement ring for her finger, it’s important to know the exact size. If you are casually measuring her finger while she sleeps, bear in mind that the thickness of the finger can change with time, season and physical condition.


Size chart to check the size of your ring


Propose with the perfect engagement ring for her

An engagement ring is a romantic way to propose, and an important way to connect two people who are committed to each other. If you want to surprise her with a proposal, secretly find out her ring size and get her an engagement ring. If you’re unsure of her size, or if you’re not confident in your design sense, you can always turn to a proposal ring. A successful proposal with the right engagement ring for her will be an occasion that you will both remember forever.


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