What should You Engrave on Your Engagement Ring? Introducing Popular Phrases and Fonts!

Engagement rings and wedding rings can be engraved with a message, name, or symbol on the inside of the ring. Many people put it on their wedding ring, but can it be engraved on their engagement ring too? What should you choose? You want to make a once-in-a-lifetime proposal, a special one. Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing the engraving for your engagement ring.


How many people put an engraving on their engagement ring in the first place?

An engraving is a name, message, or anniversary date that is carved/lasered on the inside of a ring. While many people tend to engrave their wedding rings when they buy them, what about engagement rings? According to the results of a survey conducted by VENUS TEARS, more than half of the customers who purchased engagement rings in the past, about 70%, actually engraved their engagement ring too. Also, we have asked the minority people their reasons for not engraving.


Those who engraved

”I engraved our anniversary date and both of our initials. Looking at it time to time would remind us of our love for each other.”

It may be trivial, but each other’s initials was engraved as a proof of my feelings towards her.”

”A beautiful short message in English, A phrase that is meaningful to the both of us.”

 Those who didn’t engraved

“It is not the kind of thing that I would do and it’s embarrassing!”

“Only thought it was the wedding ring that could be engraved.“

“I did thought about it, and maybe I should have included it. Because it will be a memory.”


Because it is such a special gift, many people would want to engrave something special onto the ring as a memory even if they are shy. Amongst those who engraved, their anniversary date or proposal date are popular engravings as they would like to remember this special date. The engraving also acts as a reminder of the importance of the anniversary date and bring back the feelings you have for one another at the beginning of your marriage.


So, What Should You Engrave on Your Ring? Introducing Everything from Classic to Original Engravings

A once-in-a-lifetime gift, a ring engraved with a message for her, will be the only one in the world. For those who are worried about the message to be engraved on such an important engagement ring, here are some ideas for the engraved message!



A simple engraving that contains the initials of the loving couple, such as “○ & ” and “〇♡ 〇“. This timeless engraving, with the initials of the two lovebirds, will always be popular with the masses. The engraved letter will greatly increase your feelings for the other party. For those who wants to make it a little more special can engrave symbols that are given by the jewellery brand.

 Anniversary Date

Many people tend to engrave the date they started dating or the date of proposal as a remembrance. In addition, there must be other anniversaries that couples want to cherish, such as the day they meet and the day of their first date. For example, “○ & 2020.01.01″, “1st Jun 2020 〇 ♡ ​​〇“, etc. Making the most of the limited number of characters, the combination of anniversaries and initials is becoming a standard.


The engagement ring is proof of the man’s feelings towards the woman and wanting to take a step further into the relationship. In some cases, the words of oath and the message to the other party are romantically engraved in a foreign language such as English or French.


Eg. English

With love

Love you

Just for you

Forever and ever



Mon amour (My Love)

Pour toujours (Forever)

Tous les deux (Always, the both of us)



Ke aloha (My Love)

Me ke aloha (With Love)

Aloha nui loa (Lots of Love)



The Ways of Engraving

There are various fonts that can be engraved depending on the store. There are different types of engraving, and the shape of the characters that can be engraved differs depending on the engraving method, but basically there are two main types: “laser engraving” and “hand-carved engraving”.


Laser engraving

You can freely engrave anything you want to with laser engravings. It has the advantage of being able to handle various designs such as illustrations and motifs as well as letters and is recommended for those who wants to play with their engravings. It features a clear and elaborate engraving, and because it uses a machine, even small letters are easy to read.

 Hand-carved engraving

There are times when hand-carved engravings refer to a craftsman using an engraving machine to engrave the ring but usually it refers the manual hand-carved engraving by the skilled and experienced craftsmen. Each and every word or character that you see is painstakingly carved into the ring. You can feel the seriousness and passion of the craftsmen if you choose hand-carved engravings and no two rings will be the same, it will be a romantic gift as it is the only one in the world.


Laser engraving or hand carving is by no means superior or inferior. Please choose the most suitable method according to your desired message, motif, ring shape, etc.


Engraving Fonts

There are some differences depending on the brand, however, to make things easier, there is basically the “Block” font and “Cursive” font. The Block font is usually much easier to read as compared to the cursive font and can be expressed clearly and can be engraved in both Japanese and English. The cursive style is more fashionable and cooler than the block style, so it is especially recommended for those who engrave messages in English. It’s a little hard to read, but it seems to be a factor in its popularity. It seems that you can convey words that you can’t usually say in a cursive style.


Points to take note before engraving

Basically, you can engrave your favorite words, but the number of characters may be limited depending on the type and thickness of the ring depending on the shop. First of all, let’s firmly grasp the points when engraving.


Please check if it is possible to engrave for the ring that you are considering to buy

Some brands offer engraving service, whereas some do not. In addition, the details of what kind of engraving is possible differs depending on the brand. In addition, the conditions for engraving differ depending on the design you choose, depending on the size, etc., so be sure to check before you start choosing a ring.


Please check the character limit

The most important point to be aware of is the number of characters that can be engraved. There are almost always some mandatory markings on the inside of the ring. It is the brand logo, material (eg. Pt900 for platinum), carat count of diamonds (eg. 0.2ct). After putting it in, only the vacant space can be engraved, so even if you think about the message, you cannot freely use the entire space for one round of the ring. At this time, note that spaces are also counted as one character. In addition, the size of the ring is also related to the number of characters, and the smaller the size, the smaller the number of characters that can be engraved. When choosing a ring, be sure to check not only the possibility of engraving but also the “maximum number of engraved characters”.


The engraving might disappear if you need to resize it in the future

If you decide to resize or repolish the ring after marriage, the engraving may become lighter or even disappear completely. Hence, do check with the staff if you are able to re-engrave it and how much it will cost. Also, depending on the design of the ring, it may not be possible to resize it, so it is better to double check.


Make sure to check in advance!!!

Carefully check the spelling and date of the message you are engraving. It is difficult to correct after engraving, and re-engraving may incur additional costs. In addition, the durability of the ring will be slightly weakened because it is the work of scraping the bare metal. To prevent this from happening, don’t neglect the preliminary check. 


By when should the engagement ring be ready?

Excluding the proposal, the engagement ring should be worn from the date of proposal till the date of marriage.


If you want to propose with an engagement ring

If you’re thinking of giving a surprise engagement ring at the time of your proposal, you need to be prepared in time for the day. Consider about 2-3 months in advance and order about 1-2 months in advance. Depending on whether your favorite design is in the store, the delivery time from the date of purchase it will change. There are many types of engagement rings in stores, so you may think that you can receive them immediately, but most of our store’s engagement rings are made to order, from Japan. In the case of a full order, it may even take up to 3 months.


By the time of marriage or wedding

Many people will show off their engagement ring when they present the engagement gift or the meeting of the two families, so it is recommended that you prepare it by then. In that case, it is recommended to go to the store at least one month in advance. Depending on the time of year, we have bridal fairs and you can buy them at a bargain. Also, before the wedding, you may not be able to find it slowly because you will be busy preparing for other things, so be prepared in time with that in mind.


Choosing the ring with her

In recent years, it is getting popular for a couple to choose the engagement ring together after a successful proposal. Because engagement rings are such an expensive purchase, the fear of failing the proposal and not knowing what kind of rings do the woman like has caused more couple to purchase them together. This is great as ladies wants to choose an engagement ring design that they like and easily pairable with their marriage ring. This way of shopping is much more efficient and less stressful for them both.


Engagement ring is a special gift to propose. If you engrave a message of love that only two people can understand, it will be the only proof of love in the world. It would be great if we could create a ring that is unique in the world and is full of originality, filled with the feelings of only two people, referring to this article.


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