Hand in hand
for all eternity!

With the arrival of Spring, Love is in the air.
Like beautiful Cherry Blossoms and Peach blossoms that blooms in Spring, your love for one another will blossom in this beautiful season.
Vow to one another as you walk hand in hand, for all eternity. Customize and create your own One-of-a-Kind ring with our Semi-Order Rings. From choosing your favourite materials to personalizing the inner/outer stones,
VENUS TEARS has a wide variety of ring designs that you can choose from. Wait no more! Come on down and create your perfect ring!

Every love story is different,
we ensure that we have the best possible engagement ring collection to present your love.


Engagement Ring
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VENUS TEARS limited engagement ring casing collection is up to 50% now! From simple to unique, we have a wide variety of designs and 4 kinds of materials (K18WG, YG, PG & Platinum) to choose from.

Skilled craftsmen brings out the best brilliance in diamonds and deliver engagement rings made with passion.


Buy Rings with
GIA Certification

Venus Tears presents a wide range of GIA certifieddiamonds to offer our customers. GIA, Gemological Institution of America, the world’s most authoritative organization for grading Diamonds. Get a GIA certified diamond ring on discounts this holiday season!

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Depending on the amount you spent, we are offering discount vouchers for our customers. Whether you are thinking to upgrade your diamond or purchasing a set of 3 rings rather than a pair of rings...
We are here to assist you to find your dream ring!

Pink Diamonds connect couples with its magical radient shine that brings out a life-time of happiness!


Show your true love
with Pink Diamonds

Natural pink diamonds are known to be one of the rarest precious gems in the world, you can only find 1 in every 200,000 diamonds. To meet your soulmate is even more difficult, so a natural pink diamond is a perfect way to show this miracle encounter. VENUS TEARS carries pink diamond collection, you will be amazed how beautiful and precious when you look at it!

All rings are one of a kind with special materials, unique inner gem settings and more to make it just for you!


Make your
Unique Custom Rings
with Venus Tears

VENUS TEARS collection is all made to order rings. We listen to our customer's preferences as detail possible and bring over life-time happy rings. If you don't see your ideal ring in our showcase, don't worry, let us help you to create a customized ring for you!

VENUS TEARS is offering limited special gift items to celebrate your wedding journey.
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VENUS TEARS recommends all customers to make a reservation before visiting us, so that we can provide the best service according to your preference.
Make an appointment today and start your wedding journey with us!