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Wedding Bands Singapore: Sakura / CLY-78_01

  • Wedding Bands Singapore: Sakura / CLY-78_01s

COLANY / Sakura / CLY-78


Man's Design: $2799 up, Lady's Design: $2499 up


Platinum,K18(White Gold,Yellow Gold,Rose Gold),


Sakura / CLY-78




Bugis Junction

For ladies, the image of a cherry blossom itself placed on a ring, with cute nails expressing petals. For men, the flat ring is finely milled to express a row of cherry trees in full bloom. The claws that hold the ladies’ diamonds are polished to look like cherry blossom petals, expressing delicate cuteness. In addition, the mille grain on the men’s flat surface is all finished by hand, and the accumulation of fineness builds an overwhelming presence. The expression of the ladies’ ring and the finishing of the men’s ring are crystals of high technology.


“COLANY” is something which can be worn every day because it is a piece of bridal jewellery that expresses joy for the future that begins with marriage. This is the concept of the brand “COLANY” which only creates bridal jewellery. Whether you are going to work, going out with your friends, enjoying your holiday with fulfilling feelings, if every moment is memorable, the future will be filled with happiness.

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