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Loved by countless people all over the world, this Pikachu wedding ring will capture your heart with its intricate design.

Small details like the heart-shape tail of the female Pikachu and jagged tail of the male Pikachu are faithfully reproduced. Pair it together with your love one and the 2 tails will form a heartshape. Fall in love all over again with the melee diamond in the centre! The combination of the Platinum band and K18 Yellow creates a beautiful contrast that matches perfectly, just like your marriage, the coming together of two different individuals.


L & M $1099 up


K18 /PT


RPOL-206/ RPOL-207M




JEM, Tampines1, Bugis Junction, Wisma Atria

Reviews of customers who purchased this brand Pokémon

  • ★★★★★

  • Adorable ring!

  • Maureen

  • Wisma Atria

  • Can’t believe that we could find the Pokémon diamond ring for real. The ring design is so detailed and sure it’s required skilled craftsmanship. My Pikachu diamond ring is so adorable and will make me happy every day!

  • ★★★★★

  • So perfect!

  • Noom


  • We are looking for a pair of marriage bands that no one is wearing. When we discovered that VENUS TEARS has Pokémon collection, we thought it’s so perfect because we are a big fan of Pokemon. Everything was a smooth process, and the staffs are very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you so much!

  • ★★★★★

  • Great customer service

  • Daniel

  • Jem

  • This Pokémon ring was a perfect gift for my girlfriend. The price range was wide depending on the material so it can be fit in the budget. They helped me a lot and their service style reminds me of Japan trip. Thanks!

  • ★★★★★

  • Very unique

  • Josh

  • Wisma Atria

  • Never thought that we can find quality Pokémon marriage rings. Small details are applied so it’s not too obvious but this is one of the points that we liked about.

  • ★★★★★

  • Unique and radiant selection range from Japan

  • Victoria

  • Bugis Junction

  • They have some unique materials to choose from. Thanks to the sale staff who offered her recommendations and suggestions to help me get my very own unique ring design customized!