Paveo Chocolat Love

Paveo Chocolat Love

Presenting one PAVEO CHOCOLAT collection represents your love that is sweet like chocolate. Inspired by the antique to victorian style, each rings comes with its own uniqueness to express your feeling and celebrate your love story.


Beautifully crafted, the ring will shine on your ring finger to remind you every single memories that you have shared.

Choose your ideal design and with your favourite metals.


Here are some gorgeous designs of Paveo Chocolat Collection :



Crown-inspired engagement ring with swirls and waves decorating the band, creating a whimsical fantasy impression.

This design is perfect for your princess!



A pair of textured band made with a hammering technique. 

Both are made with a very special finishing which is called the knife-cut matte process finishing that create a striking contrast for the overall appearance.Suitable for who are looking at simple design for daily wear.


Let these beautiful rings from Paveo Collection be a forever mark of your love! Wondering other designs from Paveo Chocolat?

Visit Venus Tears Jem or Tampines to discover these beautiful rings! 

It would be our pleasure to introduce you to our rings personally in our bridal stores of JEM, Tampines 1, Wisma Atria or Bugis Junction.