Inherited Family Treasure | MAILE collection, the spirit of Aloha

Originated as the jewellery for ancient Hawaiian royal Family, Hawaiian jewellery has developed as a traditional culture of Hawaii. Hawaiian Jewelry is best known for its delicate and detailed hand-carved decorations. Each piece of jewelry is purely hand-made. The Traditional crafting techniques has been handed down over many generations. The History of Hawaiian Jewelry traces back to the era of ancient Hawaiian royal family. It is handmade with traditional craftmanship and techniques. By our semi-haute couture ordering system, you can make your original Hawaiian ring.

Each design has its own symbolic meaning. For example, sea turtles are believed to be ”the incarnation of God” by the locals. Hawaiian jewelry is used as a charm to keep the evil away and bring Happiness to the wearer. Hawaiian Jewelry is formally called ”Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry”, which means ”Inherited Family Treasure”. Hawaiian families cherish and pass down their family jewelry for many generations. In recent years, Hawaiian Jewelry is popular choice for marriage bands.

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