Disney Beauty & the Beast | Rose Line Edition

‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a Disney animated romantic fantasy story of true love. Of all the Disney movies, this is the one with the most emphasis on love & has captivated the sweethearts of most ladies.

VENUS TEARS is excited to present to you Singapore’s first Disney Official Bridal rings. The 5th season of the bridal collection feature 999 roses, signifying ‘I’ll love you again & again’. This bridal collection is exclusive for one-year & is only available in limited-edition of 999 pieces of engagement rings & wedding bands.

Sparkle of Love is a limited edition model packed with the moving climax scene when the curse is lifted by Belle’s love & a shimmering beam of light falls from the sky as the Beast returns to his prince form. When the pair of wedding bands are stacked on top of each other, they are connected by a single gold line. This is the moment when the feelings of Belle & the Beast are connected. The engagement ring is an elegant design with beautiful & gorgeous organic curves that makes it seem as if it is one with the diamond stone.

The Eternal Rose is a beautiful magical rose that is a symbol of eternal love between Belle & the Beast, which is a special presence in the story. The glamorous design of the engagement ring that features a rose base with realistic overlapping petals, represents the romantic connection between the couple. The gold line of the wedding band is inspired by the fragile beauty of the falling petals & the sparkle of the diamonds expresses the mystical brilliance of the rose.

True Beauty depicts the heartfelt moment when Belle & the Beast shyly put their hands together & dance for the first time in the ballroom. The golden lines of the wedding rings create an image of the connection between the love-smitten Belle & the Beast. The side of the engagement ring is inspired by the large, raised window of a beautiful ballroom that lets in light.

The inner side of the Beauty & the Beast wedding bands & engagement rings collection are set with a symbolic gemstone in the story. The engagement ring is set with a ruby inspired by the enchanted red rose, meaning ‘Deep Love’. For the lady’s wedding ring, a yellow sapphire inner gem represents Belle’s intelligence & kindness whereas a blue sapphire, the colour of the Beast’s tuxedo, is set in the male’s bridal ring expressing undivided love & faithfulness.

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