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Which Design Suits You Best? The Perfect
Engagement Ring Test

Would you like to find the engagement ring that suits you best?

If you want to choose the ideal design, start "The Perfect Engagement Ring Test"!

“What design should I get?”

“What material is the best?”

“How do I choose the right diamond?”

We know that many of our customers have many questions when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. With so many rings and varieties to choose from, choosing the right one can be quite a daunting task, especially for men with no such experience with jewellery. We often hear the same questions from men who wants to do a surprise proposal for their significant other.

That is why VENUS TEARS has created the "The Perfect Engagement Ring Test", where our consultant will suggest the best ring for you.
・You have seen a lot of rings, but you are not sure which one to choose. ・You want to propose a ring to your partner, but you don't know what he or she likes. ・I can't find a design that suits me. ・It's hard to ask questions in a shop. If you're having trouble finding the right ring, this is the perfect test for you. To help you choose the perfect ring, we've created an engagement ring type test that you only need to answer 5 questions.

So, what is The Perfect Engagement Ring Test?