To all the Happy Couples

For a limited time only, VENUS TEARS is offering a special promotion just for you. We know that this is the time of year when many of you have deepened your bonds with your loved ones and we at VENUS TEARS would like to support you as best we can. All of our rings are made to order and take approximately 2-3 months to make. We will provide you with a consultation to ensure that you are happy with your ring!

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Depending on the amount you spent, we are offering discount vouchers for our customers. Whether you are thinking to upgrade your diamond or purchasing a set of 3 rings rather than a pair of rings...
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Every love story is different,
we ensure that we have the best possible engagement ring collection to present your love.

Engagement Ring
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At VENUS TEARS, we offer a wide range of engagement ring designs, from classic to luxurious. This summer festive season, we offer up to 70% on some of our engagement ring designs. Absolutely limited period, don't miss out!

The same ring design can be made in different
materials to enhance your personality.

There are
four different materials
to choose from

Most of our products are available in four different materials (K18WG, YG, RG and Platinum).
The classic White Gold and Yellow Gold are the most popular choices, but the more feminine Rose Gold is also very popular these days, and platinum is rare and highly recommended. We hope you enjoy your choice of material as much as we do!

Engrave your own secret message on the inside of the ring

Free Engraving Service

You can engrave a message that only the two of you know, such as an anniversary or the name of a loved one. As Venus Tears is a Japanese company, we can also engrave in Japanese if you wish!

We offer free after-sales service to give you a peace of mind even after your purchase!

Free lifetime after-sales service

Wearing a ring day in and day out causes scratches and changes in comfort as your lifestyle changes. That's why we offer a free after-sales service for all our customers.

VENUS TEARS is offering limited special gift items to celebrate your wedding journey.
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VENUS TEARS recommends all customers to make a reservation before visiting us, so that we can provide the best service according to your preference.
Make an appointment today and start your wedding journey with us!