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Thank you so much!

Farah & Fairus

Purchased branch:TAMPINES 1 Purchased brand:Milk and Strawberry Engagement Ring, Lugar Bonito & Something Blue Wedding Bands

The range of rings are all very dainty and pretty, which suits our taste very much. We really did not expect the service and price to be excellent and reasonable, respectively, the staff - Chiin, is very well verse with the quality of diamonds and the selection of rings that Venus Tears offers. We are extremely fortunate to be in such great hands! From our purchase of the engagement ring, one year ago, till now, one year later, we are really happy with our purchase and service that we got from our new friend, Chiin. Thank you so much for being part of our journey!

Comments from staff in charge

Dear Fairus and Farah, Thanks both of you for giving me the chance to serve you in choosing your engagement ring, and also your wedding bands after 1 year later! Congratulation on your marriage! May the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years. All the best to you!!