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Customers’ Testimonial

Unique Designs & Great Service

Judy & Alez

Purchased branch:TAMPINES 1 Purchased brand:VENUS TEARS Engagement Ring, Grace O'Malley

We were looking for a unique wedding bands when we came across Venus Tears. When we reached Tampines 1 outlet, we were served by Shirlin. We were amazed by the designs & service provided by her. We did not buy from the first visit, but she was very patience throughout. We bought a pair of wedding bands & an engagement ring. Best of all, there were so many free gifts! Overall a great & pleasant experience, will effeminately introduce to others and will be back for others.

Comments from staff in charge

Thanks for choosing Venus Tears as your choice! My pleasure to have met up both( a joyful couple ) and great experience of laughter throughout the process~ Glad that both like the little surprise I gave and May both of you be as sweet as always. Hope to see both for anniversary rings next time!