Five things to consider when remodeling an engagement ring! Remodel wisely!

“Engagement ring reform” uses the precious gems and diamond from the engagement ring handed to you from your mother or mother-in-law to create a new engagement ring with a different design. It would be nice if you could remodel an engagement ring filled with the feelings of your father and father-in-law into your favorite design and inherit it. Many people may wonder, “But how should we go about reforming the ring…?” This time, I would like to introduce the points when reforming an engagement ring.

What is Engagement Ring Remodeling?

Remodeling is the process of taking your mother’s or grandmother’s engagement ring, redesigning it to suit your tastes and passing it on as an engagement ring.
Not only is this a much cheaper alternative to buying a new one, since the diamond is transferred to you, but it will also strengthen your family’s bond with an engagement ring that can be passed down through generations.

Also, after a few decades, you can’t help but feel that the design is outdated or bored. Remodelling can help you with these problems. We can change the design to one that is easy to use on a daily basis or remake it into a beautiful, modern ring. We can also give your ring a fresh new lease of life, allowing it to shine once again, while preserving the memories of your engagement.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Engagement Ring Remodeling

An engagement ring with an inherited diamond has many benefits.


Passing on one’s feelings

Something old” is one of the “something four” that brides wear at their weddings to bring them happiness, and “something old” refers to the strong family ties that have been passed down through the generations. It is a symbol of the bride’s ancestors and family. A revamped engagement ring is the perfect piece of jewelry that is thoughtful and perfect for you. From grandmother to mother and from mother to daughter. It would be a great blessing to be able to pass on your precious ring.


Lower Cost

As mentioned earlier, in the case of a remodelling project, the only cost involved is the cost of the ring’s frame, since the diamond is a heritage item. Therefore, the price can be significantly lowered. For those who can’t spend that much money, or those who want to put money into the wedding fund and so on, remodelling is highly recommended for those who have different budgets and want to keep the cost of the engagement ring down


One and only ring in the world

Isn’t there a limited number of remodelling designs? The choices of design are endless. There are many different designs to choose from, from the dazzling “Solitaire” with a single diamond, to the beautiful and gorgeous “Melee”, to the “Waveline”, which makes your hands look beautiful. Another merit of remodelling is that you can create your own one-of-a-kind ring according to the occasions in which it is worn and the design you want.


But Remodeling also Comes With its Own Risk

There are two types of remodelling: “full order” and “semi-custom”. Semi-custom is to replace the main stone with an existing frame design. The advantage of a full order is that you can design and customize it from scratch, but you have to imagine the finished design, and you cannot be sure if it will turn out as you expect. In some cases, depending on the material and processing method, the cost may be so high that it would have been cheaper to buy a new one as a result. In order to avoid this, it is essential to have a careful discussion with the store.


Average Price of Remodeling

The average price for an engagement ring is 300,000-400,000 yen, but how much is the price for a remodelling project? The breakdown of remodelling costs is “material cost” + “labour cost”. You will need to decide what material (base metal) to use, whether to add gemstones, whether to make it a full order or semi-custom order, etc. Many factors can cause price variations.

For example, in the case of semi-custom orders, the price of remodelling is around 100,000 yen. Depending on the design, the price can go up to 150,000 yen. In the case of a full-custom order, the average price is between 200,000 and 400,000 yen. Unlike a semi-custom order which fits into an existing mold, a fully custom order is made from scratch, so the budget will inevitably be a little higher. It’ll be a semi-custom order for those who want to keep the cost down, and a full-custom order for those who want to spend more money on the design without having to pay for a diamond. It’s one thing to get a quote first, then decide on the details of the design.


Remodelling Examples

Now that you know the market price, here are some examples of remodelling


(1) Changing from a royal solitaire to an antique melee type

(2) Loose diamonds in a classic engagement ring

(3) A diamond pin also turns into a gorgeous engagement ring.

(4) Remake your mother’s engagement ring. Make a unique sparkling ring.

(5) Remake an elaborately designed ring into a gorgeous eternity ring.


The key to choosing a store

In fact, there are many brands that can remodel an engagement ring, but you need to check if you can trust the store with your ring. Here are some points to consider when choosing a store that can remodel your ring.


The counselling must be done properly

The key is to make sure that the customer is thoroughly advised on various aspects such as favorite designs, situations to be used, and quality of the gemstones.
The differences between the ideal design and the actual image of the finished product can be reduced by having a thorough meeting with the customer.
It is important to select a store that can share your desired image and have a thorough discussion with you, so that you don’t have to say, “This is not what I expected,” after seeing the finished product.

They give you a reasonable price for the quotation

When it comes to remodeling a ring, the price is one of the most important things to consider. It is also important to make sure that you are given a good estimate before you begin production. Your engagement ring will not be perfect if it does not meet your expectations. It is important to get a firm estimate and determine whether renovation or purchase is more suitable for you overall. Choose a store that will be able to adhere to your budget.


Do you really get your entrusted jewelry back properly?

When you leave your jewelry with a store, you always worry about whether the jewelry will be replaced in the middle of the process, or whether the same piece of jewelry is really used. There are many people who are hesitant to remodel because of such concerns.
If a diamond has a certificate, it is usually engraved.
If the store does a thorough check before requesting a remodelling, you can leave it to them with confidence. Also, don’t forget to check the engraving against the engraving when you receive it.

How about remodelling your engagement ring? Marriage connects not only you, but also your parents and both families. A diamond ring given to you by a family member is remade into a new design, and the renewed ring is sure to become a treasure that is filled with love. The new ring will surely be a treasure that is filled with love and affection. The ring can also be passed on to your descendants. It would be wonderful if the engagement ring could be passed down for a long time. Why not consider remodelling your engagement ring?


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