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  • 2020.07.03

    As sweet as Milk Strawberry Bridal

    The Mystery of the Earth:" One in 200,000 Milk Strawberry series wedding band is one of the most popular bridal collection in Japan. VENUS TEARS brings it into Singapore. Now you can find this delicate design at all VENUS TEARS bridal shops.  As everybody knows that white diamond stands from the…>Read More

  • 2020.05.19

    VIVAGE- Love will being forever

    Vivage -- Let's walk towards this ladder of love together forever. Are you looking for a delicate, cute, noble, unique wedding band or engagement ring?  or looking for a comfortable, simple to wear, and can perfectly modify our hands. No matter what reason, Vivage is always your right choice…>Read More

  • 2020.01.06

    2020 Chinese New Year Sale

    Check us out this Chinese new year with our ongoing promotion at Venus Tears Fashion concept store! 2020's an amazing new year ahead! Venus Tears will always have exciting sale promotion when it comes to a brand new year. This time round, we prepared 3 tiers of Surprise Bags in our CNY promotion.…>Read More

  • 2019.11.12

    Attractive Emerald Ring

    Emerald from Colombia has been treasured for thousands of years. Emerald gemstone is one of the most attractive gemstones due to its fresh lively color. Being the birthstone of May, it is also one of the Big Three in the world of colored gemstones – Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald.     Exqu…>Read More

  • 2019.11.05

    Stunning Tanzanite

      Tanzanite is just stunning! Tanzanite gem is only found in Tanzania. I’m excited to share this beautiful Tanzanite ring as the sale for the month.December’s birthstone , Tanzanite are very rare, rarer than diamond, sparkle and beautiful purplish blue in colour.     Tanzanite i…>Read More

  • 2019.10.30

    Fantastic South Sea Pearl

        Mother oysters of large pearls called the “South sea pearl”. South sea pearl is a cultivated saltwater pearl that is usually harvested in Philippines and other parts of the South Seas. They are so rare often come in large sizes.   A must-have sensational South sea pearl necklac…>Read More

  • 2019.10.23

    Sparkling Diamond Necklace

        VENUS TEARS diamond necklace, Japanese craftsman workmanship! Diamond pendant available carat size 0.20ct and 0.30ct inclusive 18k adjustable chain. Spice up your outfits with our unique diamond necklace beautifully made in Japan.Diamond are ladies best friend, diamond jewelry can be…>Read More

  • 2019.10.17

    October Birth Stone

        Tourmaline is the birthstone for October. Edgy curves by row of blink diamonds with pink tourmaline in the center of the ring. The Tourmaline is 0.43ct with the diamonds set in Platinum 900.    Pink Tourmaline ia a gemstone that have a meaning and properties related to ha…>Read More

  • 2019.10.08

    Natural Buffalo Horn

          MONAJE uses Buffalo Horn, which is a nature’s rare material that is all unique and is different in every piece. Variety pattern necklace, earring and bangle design by Japanese designer. Buffalo Ho…>Read More

  • 2019.09.30

    Aurora Hanadama

    HANADAMA pearls are known as higher grade of Akoya pearls. Venus Tears brings in Hanadama pearls size of 7mm - 7.5mm and 8mm - 8.5mm pearls set. For Akoya pearls to be certified as Hanadama pearls, shape of the pearl needs to be perfect round and surface exhibits minimal to no visible blemishes. It…>Read More