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『瑞(zui)』 means congratulations, 『彩(sai)』means color in Japanese.


The beginning of the new chapter of life put on the Japanese traditional song IROHA.


The story of two becomes more precious as time passing by.


the charm of this collection is a combination of platinum and gold. Modern Japanese style brand. Japanese contemporary brand jewelry to describe the story of two, beginning with Iroha Uta in a happiness color.


Available in various materials, you can choose it from K18(White Gold or Yellow Gold or Rose Gold) or Platinum900. A secret gem can also set inside the ring with the birth gem. Ironoha makes you feel the joy of choosing.


Craftsmen carefully handmade one by one in a special Japanese workshop from the prototype to creation and polishing. Ironoha is perfect for couples starting their marriage. Like a jewel, far beyond the time as the beauty of Japanese word.


Love has always been a song, with feelings and richness in my heart. So wholeheartedly forever you and I with Ironoha ring.

3 reasons why VENUS TEARS is chosen by many couples

  • High quality craftsmanship and reasonable pricing for our Jewelry, which is credited and recognized by our global outlets.

  • Reliable life time After services and guaranteed customer’s satisfaction

  • We carry mainly “GIA” certified diamonds which is recognized world wide.